Organisations only change if their people change.

And people only change for a reason.

Strategic people management ensures that all relevant personnel processes are aligned to the company’s strategy. My understanding of strategic people management additionally embraces the challenge of making the strategy perceptible, feasible and desirable for the individual.

I support my clients’ personnel management through my many years of international HR experience and passion toward HR issues.

To ensure that my clients’ demands are completely understood, I listen carefully to their particular needs and together we assess the best techniques for achieving our goals. This is the foundation of my work. I value the uniqueness of each individual, group and organisation in every aspect of my consulting approach. My experience has shown me that only through understanding and respecting the current state of an organization can there be room to initiate development and change.

As an intercultural consultant, trainer and assessor, I can provide the necessary knowledge, concepts, and methodology, for tailoring clients’ demands in an individual and transparent manner. My aim is to develop sensible and practical solutions for my clients to support their staff and management to change for success.